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Top Steam Profiles

This top was compiled by the site administration. Profiles are rated for the beauty of the profile, showcases, uniqueness, animation, and other criteria. If your profile is unique, beautiful and stands out from the others, you can write to us by mail or send a request in this form.
All profiles on the “Top Steam Profiles” page are unique and beautiful in their own way, all tops are compiled subjectively by the site administration.

Profile categories

Top Steam Profiles last updated on October 25, 2021



Beautiful pixel themed profiles



Beautiful military themed profiles



How to get into the “Top Steam Profiles”?
You must have at least 1 illustration with beautiful animation or a unique profile. You can submit a request via the application form or by mail
Attention! All artworks in your profile must be made by you personally, or purchased/ordered from the Steam profile designer. It is strictly forbidden to copy the artworks of other users, and pass them off as your own. If you use some templates, or artworks that are distributed for free, be sure to indicate this in your application.
Contact by mail:
1) Please contact us by mail: [email protected]
2) Use template for mail-theme:
– Request for Top Steam Profiles;
– Top Steam Profiles.
3) In the letter, specify the following:
– Link to your profile;
– Your profile style;
– Unique Backgrounds, Badges, Emoticons, Achievements, Items (If available).

Which profile is suitable for “Beautiful profiles” or “Other beautiful and unique profiles”?
You should have beautiful, detailed and high-quality animation, preferably several showcases and a general profile style.

Which profile is suitable for “Unique profiles” or “Other beautiful and unique profiles”?
A unique profile is a profile that has the following unique features:
– Steam Items with your logo, profile name or link to your profile;
– Steam Backgrounds, Badges, Emoticons, Achievements with your logo, profile name or link to your profile;
– Showcase with detailed unique animation.
To get into unique profiles, your profile must be decorated.

How to get a unique design in the “Top Steam Profiles”?
Details on the Donation page.

Why is my avatar or nickname displayed incorrectly?
The administration manually updates avatars and nicknames. Write to our mail if you want to update your data.

How do I remove my profile from the “Top Steam Profiles”?
If you want to remove your profile from the “Top Steam Profiles”, write to us by mail.

Why was my profile deleted  from “Top Steam Profiles”?
Your profile can be deleted for several reasons:
– Your avatar or nickname contains offensive, obscene content;
– You have made your profile private;
– You have deleted showcases from your profile;
– You have changed the design of your profile, and it is no longer suitable for “Top Steam Profiles”.