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Here you can find a list of emoticons, distributed in various categories. Emoticons can be useful in decorating showcases and your profile. Emoticons can also be sent in the Steam chat.
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Anime emoticons
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Emoticons letters
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Red emoticons
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list of emoticons distributed by category

295 Anime emoticons

More Anime content:
Backgrounds, Badges.

24 Christmas emoticons

More Christmas content:
Backgrounds, Badges.

24 emoticons with Food

Magic emic.

33 Halloween emoticons

More Halloween content:
Backgrounds, Badges.

26 emoticons with Hearts

Magic emit.

124 emoticons Letters

Number emit.

33 Magic emoticons

Heart emit.

66 emoticons with Memes

More Memes content:
Backgrounds, Badges.

10 emoticons Numbers

Letter emit.

81 emoticons with Weapons

More Weapon content:
Backgrounds, Badges.

Coming soon

Coming soon

list of emoticons distributed by colors

12 Red emoticons

10 Orange emoticons

10 Yellow emoticons

8 Green emoticons

10 Light blue emoticons

8 Dark blue emoticons

11 Purple emoticons

8 Pink emoticons

16 White emoticons

10 Gray emoticons

10 Black emoticons

8 emoticons with Gradient

Color Combinations | Coming Soon