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More Anime content: Badges, Emoticons

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More Space content: Badges

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More Neon content: Badges

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Anime backgrounds
Most popular, №1

Space Backgrounds
Most popular, №2

Cyberpunk Backgrounds
Most popular, №3

Neon Backgrounds
Most popular, №4

Red Backgrounds
Most popular, №5


Staring into Darkness

Zombie Backgrounds

26 Christmas backgrounds

Last man standing

Military Backgrounds

67 Military backgrounds


Backgrounds with Borders

105 backgrounds with Borders

Beautiful backgrounds

Ninja Village

Architecture Backgrounds

113 Christmas backgrounds

Dragons and Demons

Fantasy Backgrounds

134 backgrounds with Borders


Полезные форумы | Общение и технологии | Справочно информационный портал

list of backgrounds distributed by category

32 Animal backgrounds

More Animal content: Badges.


637 Anime backgrounds

More Anime content: Badges, Emoticons.

113 Architecture backgrounds

More Architecture content: Badges.

15 Architecture backgrounds

Recommended: Spring bg, Winter bg, Summer bg.

19 Bloody backgrounds

More Bloody content: Badges.

105 backgrounds with Borders

Recommended: Strange bg.

49 backgrounds with Cars

30 Cartoon backgrounds

Recommended: Memes bg.

27 Architecture backgrounds

Recommended: Castle bg.

27 backgrounds with Castles

Recommended: Knight bg, Dragon bg.

52 Christmas backgrounds

More Christmas content: Badges, Emoticons.

47 Cyberpunk backgrounds

Recommended: Mechs/Robots bg, Neon bg.

13 backgrounds with Deities

Recommended: Fantasy bg.

27 backgrounds with Demons

More Demon content: Badges.

10 Depressive backgrounds

Recommended: Rainy bg.

27 Dragon backgrounds

134 Fantasy backgrounds

Recomended: Dragon bg, Lovecraft bg.

27 Fire backgrounds

More Fire content: Badges.

28 backgrounds with Flags

More Flag content: Badges.

16 Ghost backgrounds

Recommended: Horror bg.

74 backgrounds with Girls

Recomended: Anime bg.

39 Halloween backgrounds

More Halloween content: Badges, Emoticons.

64 Horror backgrounds

More Horror content: Badges.

10 Ice backgrounds

Recomended: Winter bg.

14 Lovecraft backgrounds

Recomended: Fantasy bg.

26 Knight backgrounds

Recomended: Castle bg, Dragon bg.

26 backgrounds with Memes

More Meme content: Badges, Emoticons.

27 backgrounds with M/R

More content with Mecha/Robot: Badges.

67 Military backgrounds

More Military content: Badges.

33 backgrounds with Mountains

Recomended: Nature bg.

13 Architecture backgrounds

Recomended: Retro bg.

96 Nature backgrounds

39 Night backgrounds

Recomended: Rain bg.

51 Neon backgrounds

More Neon content: Badges.

25 Ocean backgrounds

Recomended: Rain bg.

85 Pattern backgrounds

Recomended: Pixel bg.

81 Pixel backgrounds

Recomended: Retro bg.

20 Post apocalyptic backgrounds

Recomended: Fantasy bg.

12 Rainy backgrounds

Recomended: Depressive bg.

23 Retro backgrounds

More Retro content: Badges.

25 Romantic backgrounds

Recomended: Girls bg.

21 Room backgrounds

Recomended: Architecture bg.

31 Sky backgrounds

Recomended: Nature bg.

286 Space backgrounds

More Space content: Badges.

39 Architecture backgrounds

Recomended: Music bg.

7 Spring backgrounds

22 Steampunk backgrounds

Recomended: Mecha/Robot bg.

11 Strange backgrounds

Recomended: Pattern bg.

18 Sumer backgrounds

9 backgrounds with villages

Recomended: Architecture bg.

21 Weapon backgrounds

More Weapon content: Badges, Emoticons.

32 Winter backgrounds

26 Zombie backgrounds

Recomended: Horror bg.

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Check out other interesting pages on our website! Bdg, EmIc, Achiev

Coming soon

Check out other interesting pages on our website! Bdg, EmIc, Achiev

Coming soon

Check out other interesting pages on our website! Bdg, EmIc, Achiev

list of backgrounds distributed by colors

63 Red backgrounds

39 Orange backgrounds

28 Yellow backgrounds

45 Green backgrounds

47 Light blue backgrounds

43 Dark blue backgrounds

29 Purple backgrounds

25 Pink backgrounds

20 White backgrounds

28 Gray backgrounds

47 Black backgrounds

6 backgrounds with Gradient