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About the site is a website that will help you to decorate your Steam profile, find the background, badge, emoticon or achievement you need.
On our site you can find guides, list of designerslist of backgrounds, list of badges, list of emoticons and list of achievements! There are several categories in all lists for easy search of the content you need!
The site was made by a student, in his free time from study.

Site group on Steam

Official group on Steam – Steaм
Join our group by clicking on the link above and clicking “Join a group”

Support the project

There are several options for supporting this project:
There is not so much content on our site yet, we will be happy if you help with the content on the site!
Submit your Backgrounds / Badges / Emoticons / Achievements to this discussion in the Steam group or to the Vkontakte discussion.

Disable your AdBlock or whitelist your Adblock

We try to place a minimum of advertising, but unfortunately, we financially rely on it.
You pay us indirectly by turning off AdBlock or putting us on your AdBlock white list.

Make a donation

If you want to make a greater contribution, we have the opportunity to donate to our site. You can donate money on our donation page. Payment can only be made using WebMoney

The donated money will go to pay for hosting the site, reducing advertising, improving the site, etc.
For more information, go to our donations page: Donations