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Demonic badges

More Demonic content: Backgrounds

Purple badges


More Purple content: Backgrounds, Emoticons, Achievements

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98 Magic badges

48 Space badges

102 Skull badges


С вашим фоном и никнеймом. От 250р. | With your background and nickname.


130 Neon Badges

108 Retro badges

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List of Badges

Distributed by category

144 Animal badges

More Animal content: Backgrounds

25 Architecture badges

More Architecture content: Backgrounds

25 Biohazard badges

Recomended: Radiation bdg

37 Bloody badges

More Bloody content: Backgrounds

135 Christmas badges

More Christmas content: Backgrounds, Emoticons, Achievements

71 badges with Crowns

Recomended: Sword bdg

67 Demonic badges

More Demonic content: Backgrounds

51 badges with Emblems

Recomended: Star bdg

11 badges with Flags

More Flag content: Backgrounds, Achievements

72 Geometric badges

Recomended: Star bdg

52 Halloween badges

More Halloween content: Backgrounds, Emoticons, Achievements

61 badges with Hearts

Recomended: Anime bdg

66 Horror badges

More Horror content: Backgrounds

98 Magic badges

More Magic content: EmIc

68 badges with Mechs/Robots

More Mechs/Robots content: Backgrounds

55 Mechanical badges

Recomended: Mecha/Robot bdg

24 badges with Memes

More Memes content: Backgrounds, Emoticons, Achievements

134 Military badges

More Military content: Backgrounds

41 badges with Military equipment

Recomended: Military bdg

130 Neon badges

More Neon content: Backgrounds

72 Radiation badges

Recomended: Biohazard bdg

102 Skull badges

Recomended: Horror bdg

42 badges with Stars

Recomended: Space bdg

35 Sword badges

Recomended: Weapon bdg

22 Weapon badges

More Weapon content: Backgrounds, Emoticons

Coming soon

Check out other interesting pages on our website! Bg, EmIc, Achiev

Coming soon

Check out other interesting pages on our website! Bg, EmIc, Achiev

Coming soon

Check out other interesting pages on our website! Bg, EmIc, Achiev

List of guides to help you decorate your Steam profile.

List of Badges

Distributed by colors

23 Red badges

27 Orange badges

32 Yellow badges

21 Green badges

29 Light blue badges

12 Dark blue badges

18 Purple badges

20 Pink badges

20 White badges

24 Gray badges

10 Black badges

10 badges with Gradient